Our secure, world class data center facilities provide an optimal solution for redundancy of your internal systems, and can act as your primary hosting environment too. You will have secure access remotely and key card access onsite to manage your systems and data at our facilities. We also provide additional backup and support services on an as needed basis.

Our colocation service is tailored to your needs and priced accordingly. You provide the servers and storage, and our colocation data center provides the space, cooling, power, bandwidth, and physical security.

Chameleon is not only a data center colocation provider, but we also give you the ability to utilize our wide range of capabilities whether it’s managed hosting, cloud solutions, storage, network solutions, and security. We also provide highly reliable and redundant connectivity options that maintain optimal IT performance.

Our power and cooling capabilities are top-of-the-line in order to keep your servers and network equipment safe. We know that this is critical to a data center. Chameleon provides cages, suites and cabinets that meet your requirements for physical security and power usage.

Your data center colocation provider should help your business succeed and Chameleon will ensure that your applications and websites are always available and performing like they should.

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